My LINE sticker set is just released! For all busy Mothers…this is for you!

My LINE sticker set is just released! For all busy Mothers…this is for you!


At last my LINE sticker set was accepted.
It was in July when I submitted my application however, it was rejected.
The images in my application should penetrate the background and must convey the ideas they insinuate.
It took me four and a half months before the stickers were accepted.

The users are mothers having a baby within one year old.


In this image, it depicts a mother attending to the needs of a one-year old baby. The users can simply understand that the mother is already mad at the situation.
The parents, especially the mothers can relate to the situation depicted in the image. In a real time situation, mothers could have a trouble attending to their kids especially when one is crying. As a result, mothers also want to cry.


As for mother, heads are always in bad condition in the daytime when they have to do the nursing every 3 hours to cry at night.


For mother who continues working, it is a daily situation to sit at the PC with a baby on her back.

It is the most important thing that you ask your family and friends to help.


A burden of the child care tends to depend on only mother in Japan.
Only Mother must cancel a plan of the work to pick a baby up to the nursery school because of baby’s sudden fever.
It is very strange, isn’t it?
Let’s ask your husband for picking your baby up!


Your husband might say,”Oh my god, I have a important meeting today.”
But it is the same that even a mom has important work. Let’s already ask for one push!


When you are exhausted, you can say, “I am exhausted!”
It would be better to rely on parents and mother-in-law,and ask them for help as much as possible.

Even if it is a case that “parents are old and cannot ask for the care of the grandchild”, “parents live in the distant place”,you may say “I’m all right. I can do somehow”.It is not necessary to pretend to be tough all the time.
It is good even if I sometimes complain with “tiring …”.(Only sometimes not always)

Stickers to send to your husband coming home late at night because of drinking after work

In this time, it cannot take a bath at leisure, cannot eat sitting, cannot go to the restroom, the help of the husband is important to Mother.
But, your husband might say quite often,
“I will go to drink with friends tonight.”

You may be gradually angry.For the nursing, there is much mother who cannot drink favorite beer.


In such a case, a baby would be better to tell to Father.
Don’t too much drink!


Father does not come back home yet.


When your husband comes back late at night, you and your baby should sleep earlier!

Now,I give stickers to 30 people !!

Sticker present was over. Thank you for lots of contact!

In one fulfilling the following conditions, I present stickers!

  • The person who there is a baby as of now, and wants to use this stickers immediately.
  • The person pregnant now
  • The person who introduce stickers to your friends(When your friend clicks stickers she can go to the purchase page.)

application method

  1. Please share this page using twitter or Facebook
  2. Please read the following QR code or click here, and make friend with me.
  3. If you send me a message “Give me stickers” in LINE app, I will send you stickers!


The person who wants to buy directly go to the LINE store!


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